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Why You Should Watch 'Drive My Car,' This Year's Surprise Best Picture Oscar Nominee
Why You Should Watch 'Drive My Car,' This Year's Surprise Best Picture Oscar Nominee
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Nicolas Winding Refn’s directorial debut, Pusher, was supposed to launch his career, not a franchise. But after his first English-language film, the 2003 John Turturro thriller Fear X, bankrupted his production company, Refn found himself with few options but to turn back to the low-budget crime drama that served as his international breakout. The irony is that the sequels he made were richer and more rewarding than that first film, which was very much committed to a young man’s idea of sordid authenticity. While Pusher focused on the travails of low-level Copenhagen drug dealer Frank, Pusher II turns its attention to his hapless sidekick, Tonny, who happened to be played by an up-and-coming actor named Mads Mikkelsen. This good taste in casting aside, the film becomes an anguished meditation on fathers, sons, and masculinity with Tonny revealed to be the child of a local kingpin who sees him as a disappointment. Pusher II builds on the brutal dynamic from the first film to create a portrait of a character desperate to please people who have no respect for him and forever prone to trusting those who’d betray him instantly to protect themselves.



If you're a romantic, with interest in 1950's suburban culture and fashion, I think you will be a big fan of this film. And the handsome young gardener, played by none other than Rock Hudson, isn't hard on the eyes either. Along with Diana’s new golden eagle armour shown whilst in her fight against the Cheetah. The addition of her new armour suggests that this time the stakes are higher than ever and this is could be the fight of her life.



Moonlight is a beautifully filmed coming-of-age story of a gay black boy growing up in a housing project in Miami. The many-layered film sheds light on aspects of black identity that are rarely spotlighted on film and was a truly watershed moment at the Oscars. This second movie in the Batman trilogy is arguably the best of the bunch. Heath Ledger sets the standard what it takes to play the Joker, as he won an Oscar for his performance. Some say it's the best superhero film ever made and we have to agree. You'll never think of coconuts the same way after watching this silly British slapstick comedy set in the time of King Arthur and the fabled Round Table.



Now all he has to do is convince everyone else that his elite prospect from Spain has got what it takes to make it in the big leagues. Joel Kim Booster is a new kind of Elizabeth Bennet in this queer adaptation of Pride and Prejudice set in the barrier island off of Long Island. Read more about buy tiktok followers here. SNL’s Bowen Yang and Margaret Cho co-star in the modern rom-com headed to Hulu. Jacques Audiard turns to a deceptively breezy story of young adults and fresh romance in "Paris, 13th District," an intimate portrait of modern love.



Of romances, Before Sunset makes a case that runs contrary to the content of most mainstream Hollywood rom-coms, which is that a relationship left on simmer for years is just as fascinating as one in the immediate post-meet-cute phase. Continuing Victor Fleming’s story from 1939, Walter Murch’s unofficial sequel takes the story of Dorothy Gale (now played with wide-eyed longing and ingenuity by an excellent Fairuza Balk) and her Oz comrades in exceedingly dark directions. (Did this 1985 film invent the gritty reboot?) Dorothy’s belief in Oz scars her family, and she is taken to a sanitarium for it. But before she undergoes electroshock therapy she is saved by a mysterious young girl and finds herself in Oz again.



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