Are You Worthy?

One cannot join the Illuminati simply by registering on a website, of course. To think otherwise would be foolish, and we are not looking for fools.

It is possible, however, to express your interest, and perhaps to be given the opportunity to demonstrate your worth. This is that opportunity, but it comes with absolutely no guarantees of any kind.

Please be aware, however, that registering below may have unexpected consequences. We will be communicating with you directly, giving you tasks to perform and asking for more information about you. If you don’t answer our questions honestly, or if you fail to perform the assigned tasks to our satisfaction, you may be subject to retribution. Do not take this lightly.

By registering below, you acknowledge that you understand and accept all consequences, both of obedience and disobedience, and that we are not to be held responsible for the results of any of your actions, or lack thereof. Your actions are your own, and you are responsible for your own actions, even if undertaken at our behest.

If and only if you full acknowledge and understand the above, you may proceed to register with us.

May you walk in light.
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