The Revelation of the Illuminati

Chapter Two:


We have mentioned the Mathematikoi and Akousmatikoi as two distinct branches of the Illuminati, going back to the time of Pythagoras. We have also mentioned the Scio-Illuminati and Gnostic-Illuminati as being two distinct branches of the Illuminati. To be quite clear about this: the Scio-Illuminati are the Mathematikoi, and the Gnostic-Illuminati are the Akousmatikoi. These are simply two different names for the same thing, with the names “Mathematikoi” and “Akousmatikoi” being the original Pythagorean Greek terms, and the names “Scio-Illuminati” and “Gnostic-Illuminati” being the more modern terms typically used by the Illuminati today.

This change in terminology came about because the newer terms are much more descriptive and intuitively understood by the modern person: the Scio-Illuminati embrace an essentially non-mystical, scientific approach to enlightenment, whereas the Gnostic-Illuminati embrace an essentially mystical, gnostic approach. This is true even for modern Greek speakers, as the term “Mathematikoi” merely means “learners,” and “Akousmatikoi” merely means “listeners;” these terms do not inherently entail the meanings which are made much more explicit in the terms “Scio-Illuminati” and “Gnostic-Illuminati.”

Pythagoras' selection of the rather inexplicit terms, “Mathematikoi,” and “Akousmatikoi,” for the two distinct branches of the Illuminati, made strategic sense in his own time, and for most of our history. Our priorities and strategies have changed in more recent times, however, and thus the more explicit and intuitive terms, “Scio-Illuminati” and “Gnostic-Illuminati,” are used today.

As stated earlier, the Scio-Illuminati, i.e., the Mathematikoi, are those who receive the true, reality-based teachings of the Illuminati, and the Gnostic-Illuminati, i.e., the Akousmatikoi, are those who receive the eumystical teachings created by the Illuminati. The teachings of the Mathematikoi are reality-based teachings in subjects such as math, science, philosophy, politics and government, the arts, theology and religion, etc., ultimately encompassing every possible facet of reality and our place in it. (Of course, the Mathematikoi are also privy to the inner workings, plans, and operations of the Illuminati, each in accordance with his or her place in the organization. Furthermore, it is also certain members of the Scio-Illuminati which are at the top of the hierarchy of the Gnostic-Illuminati, and who introduce the eumysticisms which are disseminated by the Gnostic-Illuminati.)

The teachings of the Gnostic-Illuminati, i.e., the Akousmatikoi, are ostensibly just as all-encompassing, but they are often eumystical in nature: while certain teachings are based (completely or in large part) in reality, many teachings are based in sound-good, feel-good mysticisms which appeal to the mystical mind. The teachings of the Gnostic-Illuminati are intended to “hook” the mystic in such a fashion as to cause the mystic to abandon his or her previously held destructive, dangerous, and mind-enslaving dysmysticisms (quite often but not always derived from “traditional” religions) in favor of much more positive, constructive, and mind-liberating eumysticisms. This is ultimately beneficial for the mystical individual, for the Illuminati, and for the world at large.

The benefit to the mystic is the change in focus from (psychologically, personally, socially, financially, and other) wasteful, self-destructive and generally harmful thoughts and behaviors to a focus on much more positive and productive thinking and behaviors. This shift in focus, and the exchange of harmful, mind-enslaving and dulling mysticisms, for the mind-liberating and sharpening eumystical teachings of the Gnostic-Illuminati, can often serve as the spark which eventually ignites a process entailing the complete rejection of mysticism (including the very eumysticisms which ignited the spark in the first place) and the embrace of fully rational and reality-based thinking and action.

The benefit to the Illuminati is that those embracing the eumystical teachings of the Gnostic-Illuminati will typically act in ways favorable to the goals of the Illuminati. As mentioned, these eumysticisms often ultimately facilitate the complete rejection of all mysticism and the concomitant embrace of fully reality-based, non-mystical thinking; those who do may then become eligible for membership into the Scio-Illuminati – the true leaders and strategists of the Illuminati. As members of the Scio-Illuminati they would then be in a position to work more directly for the furtherance of the Illuminati's goals.

The benefit to the world should be obvious. The more that individuals shift from harmful, destructive, mind-enslaving and dulling modes of thought and action, to positive, productive, mind-freeing and sharpening modes of thought and action, the more benefit will they then be to society at large. This benefit is increased further, the more that individuals move away from any sort of mysticism at all (including those of the Gnostic-Illuminati) to fully embracing reality-based, rational thought and action. The more such individuals are identified and recruited into the Illuminati (and the Scio-Illuminati in particular) the greater the ability of the Illuminati to pursue and achieve its goals. As the goals of the Illuminati involve the creation of a world free from mysticism and oppressive authoritarianism, a world of true enlightenment and the maximum realization of human potential, all the world will ultimately benefit.

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