The Revelation of the Illuminati

The Clandestine Operation of the Illuminati

We live in a world full of mysticism and superstition. It can often be dangerous to openly oppose this mysticism. Open opposition can lead to social rejection, imprisonment, torture, death and other undesirable consequences, depending upon the time and place. In some times and places, of course, open opposition to mysticism and superstition is much more safe, and thus can (and often should) take place much more openly, without such dire consequences. Even in such “safe” conditions, however, there remains the danger of social regression towards intolerance. Thus it is that operation in secrecy is the common modus operandi of the Illuminati.

The Illuminati sometimes creates other organizations, external to itself, which serve as a means to further the Objectives of the Illuminati without risking its own exposure. Freemasonry is a good example of this. Freemasonry is not the Illuminati, but was started by the Illuminati to further the Illuminati's Objectives; while the Illuminati has traditionally operated in such a manner as to conceal its own existence, the Freemasons are a publicly visible group whose official meeting places, for example, are not secret at all, but quite publicly visible and marked as such. Even the “secrets” of the Freemasons aren't really secret at all; in fact, it is often said that the biggest secret of Freemasonry is that there are no secrets. (It must be noted that Freemasonry has strayed quite far from the original principles upon which it was founded by the Illuminati. It has become corrupted by the “nobility” and the Ancient Regime and no longer works to further Illuminati Objectives; it now serves the purposes of the Old World Order. This will be revealed in the next section on the history of the Illuminati.)

In more modern times the need for secrecy has become less important (due to relatively widespread social progress, freedom and tolerance) and this has enabled the Illuminati to operate with greater openness. In fact, the ability to openly operate and to openly reveal the Illumination and Objectives of the Illuminati is quite valuable. Instead of surreptitiously “feeling out” prospective members, and instead of “dropping hints” about our true goals and the nature of our Illumination, we are able to more efficiently recruit when we can be open regarding these and other matters.

The advent of the Internet has allowed us to maintain personal anonymity while also openly and publicly revealing our Illumination and Objectives. The time of our Revelation is now.

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