The Revelation of the Illuminati

The Goal of the Illuminati

The objective of the Illuminati, beyond achieving their own Illumination, is the Illumination of the world: a world where every individual is enlightened and every individual has the opportunity for the highest attainment of his or her own growth and development, unfettered by mysticism.

As noted, with Illumination comes the recognition of the pervasive nature of mysticism among humanity. Despite the most valiant of efforts, we have learned that it is extremely difficult to “cure” mysticism in others – mystical people tend to cling to their mysticisms quite tenaciously. Since mystics think mystically, they overwhelmingly tend to reject straightforward attempts to educate them into embracing a non-mystical approach to reality.

We have found that the best option is to “fight fire with fire,” using mysticism itself to undercut any currently held destructive mysticisms and replace them with less destructive forms of “eumysticism.” The term “eumysticism” is formed by adding the prefix “eu-” (from Greek, meaning “good”) to the word “mysticism.” Well-constructed eumysticisms generally contain hints pointing to non-mysticism; typically this involves constructing them in such a way so that following them to their logical conclusions would result in logical inconsistencies which can only be resolved by adopting an alternative non-mystical position. This approach has the dual benefits of:

  1. keeping “incurable” mystics preoccupied with relatively harmless eumysticisms and,

  2. helping those who are essentially non-mystical by nature to abandon all forms of mysticism, by providing them with eumysticisms which contain hidden clues to their own irrational, non-reality-based nature.

This is essentially a means for using mysticontrol for good rather than evil, or as a tool for liberation rather than oppression; this could be called “eumysticontrol.” (Conversely, the term “dysmysticontrol” can be employed to refer to the intentional use of mysticontrol to exploit and take advantage of someone through mysticontrol; “dys-” is the Greek prefix meaning “bad) It should be noted, however, that no mysticism – even eumysticism – is ever truly good in an absolute sense; eumysticisms are only good in the sense that they are a useful “stepping stone” towards minimizing or ultimately eliminating mysticism.

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