NOTE: This document contains a number of references to Scionics Philosophy, which was created by the Scionics Institute. Their website is at While we do promote the high-quality, completely rational and reality-based philosophy created by the Scionics Institute, it should be noted that the Scionics Institute is an independent organization of its own, separate from the Scio-Illuminati.

The Revelation of the Illuminati

The Nature of the Enlightenment of the Illuminati

Illumination (the enlightenment of the Illuminati) is at its core both far more mundane and unremarkable and yet ultimately far more powerful and even “transcendent” than might be expected. It is the complete rejection of all forms of mysticism and the concomitant complete adherence to self-honesty, reality and reason, i.e., Scionics.

Illumination is “mundane” and “unremarkable” in the sense that there is nothing more straightforward and less “mysterious” than simply thinking and acting rationally, in accordance with one's experience of the world. Illumination is “powerful” and “transcendent” in the sense that this approach leads to ever-greater knowledge, power, and control, and to ever greater experience of fulfillment and love. In certain cases, it even leads to the achievement of the sort of transcendent unity so often sought through religion, meditation, or similar pursuits, but without the need of any mystical nonsense whatsoever. Illumination ultimately results in humans evolving towards a “god-like” nature…without the need for any false gods – and all gods are false gods.

The attainment of Illumination brings with it several important realizations, beyond the mere rejection of mysticism and the adherence to self-honesty, reality and reason:

  1. Mysticism is pervasive and nearly “incurable” among most individuals.

  2. Mystics are vulnerable to being controlled by others through their mysticism; in Scionics, this is called “mysticontrol.” (Frank R. Wallace coined the term “neo-cheating” to describe the act of manipulating others through their mysticisms; in Scionics the term “mysticontrol” is used instead, to highlight the central role of mysticism in this form of control. It is also a more neutral term, in acknowledgment of the fact that such control can often be used for good.)

  3. Mysticontrol is a principle tool used by oppressive governmental, religious, and other power structures.

We have long realized that freedom from mystical and oppressive governments and religions results in much greater fulfillment and happiness, both for the individual and for society at large. With the advent of more advanced science, we have come to recognize that such freedom can allow humans to evolve toward a god-like nature – without help from a non-existent, imaginary god.

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