The Revelation of the Illuminati


To be enlightened is to have knowledge or understanding of something beyond that of the common person. An enlightened individual is called an illuminatus in Latin; the plural is illuminati.

One can be illuminated in a rather limited, narrow field of expertise, with a limited scope of application, or one may be well-versed in a host of subjects or fields of endeavor, with a subsequently much wider field of application. Obviously, the wider the scope of one's knowledge and understanding and the wider the scope of application of such knowledge and understanding, the greater will be one's overall degree of illumination.

Empiricorationalism is the reason- and reality-based acquisition, integration and application of knowledge. Empiricorationalism entails a strict adherence to self-honesty, reality and reason.

The opposite of empiricorationalism is mysticism. The word “mysticism” has roots in the Latin “mysterium” and Greek “mysterion,” meaning “mystery.” Mystery is the opposite of knowledge. To be “mystified” is to be “bewildered” or “confused.” “Mysticism,” then, refers to any sort of ineffective, non-reality-based methodology or approach to the acquisition of knowledge and understanding; instead of knowledge, the fruits of mysticism are confusion, ignorance, unhappiness and ultimately death. One of the most valuable applications of empiricorationalism is the defense of one's thinking against mysticism.

Various groups throughout history have claimed to have some special, secret or hidden knowledge, and that by using this knowledge they can essentially control the world or at least exert considerable influence upon the world. Many of these groups often further claim to be associated with one another in some way. The general thrust of these claims is that these various groups are actually all part of (or offshoots of) a single, ancient organization, now simply known as the “Illuminati.”

Some of these purported Illuminati groups promulgate information which could be labeled as “pseudo-illumination” – false paths of enlightenment, littered with a variety of mystical, superstitious and contra-reality concepts. Some of these groups actually are complete fakes, with no ties to the Illuminati at all; others are tactical misdirections employed by the Illuminati itself where open revelation would be counter-productive.

Groups make false claims of Illuminati association, and promote their own particular brands of pseudo-illumination for a variety of reasons; here are just a couple:

  1. To attempt to discredit the Illuminati by promoting or engaging in unflattering or even evil ideas or activities.

  2. To promote their own agenda assisted by the unearned status gained by their fictitious Illuminati association.

The Illuminati itself has strategically employed misdirection through the promotion of various forms of pseudo-Illumination throughout its history. This has been done for different reasons:

  1. To protect the Illuminati and its members in situations where openly revealing the Illuminati's true Illumination and Objectives would have lead to persecution.

  2. To decrease the destructive aspects of mystical forces in society by promoting alternative, far less destructive mysticisms to “incurable mystics.” Some individuals are so attached to mysticism that it is much more efficient and effective to re-direct their mystical thinking by means of replacing it with less destructive forms of mysticism, rather than attempting to directly attack their mysticism with simple, pure empiricorationality. (This technique is so effective that it often – but not always – does ultimately lead to the reduction or even complete elimination of mysticism.) These “replacement” mysticisms are called “eumysticisms,” from Greek words meaning “good mysticisms.”

  3. To determine the effect that various ideas have upon society, as a means of gathering accurate information before making and ultimately implementing vital plans.

  4. To prevent the dissemination of powerful secrets to destructive individuals and groups.

The pseudo-Illumination of the Illuminati is most commonly embodied in forms of eumystical “gnosticism.” The Illuminati itself can generally be divided into two distinct “levels” or “branches:” the Gnostic-Illuminati and the Scio-Illuminati:

  1. The Gnostic-Illuminati. (The Gnostic-Illuminati performs the role of Pythagoras' Akousmatikoi, described later.) This has been the “public” or “introductory” face of the Illuminati for millennia. The Gnostic-Illuminati promoted various forms of pseudo-Illumination, primarily in the form of eumystical gnosticisms. New members of the Illuminati traditionally have been admitted into the Gnostic-Illuminati; during their membership in the Gnostic-Illuminati they are then secretly evaluated for fitness for further progression into the Scio-Illuminati. (This evaluation depends upon many criteria, including one's reaction to gnostic eumysticisms; in particular, the recognition of the illogic or inconsistency of certain gnostic eumysticisms is considered to be part of the criteria necessary for promotion into the Scio-Illuminati.)

  2. The Scio-Illuminati. (The Scio-Illuminati performs the role of Pythagoras' Mathematikoi, described later.) This is the true hidden upper-echelon of the Illuminati, the keepers and teachers of its true knowledge and goals. The Scio-Illuminati are the true leaders of the Illuminati. Mysticism is anathema to the Scio-Illuminati; they are immune to being manipulated through mysticontrol, although they do employ eumysticontrol to manipulate others where necessary.

Empiricorationality allows one to recognize all forms of mysticism. The Scio-Illuminati admits only those who operate and think in full accordance with the protocols of empiricorationalism, for these are the true bearers of the Light of Illumination.

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The time of our Revelation is now. The following questions can now be answered:

  1. What is the nature of the Illumination of the Illuminati?

  2. What are the Objectives of the Illuminati?

  3. Why has the Illuminati operated in secrecy?

  4. What is the history of the Illuminati?

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