The Revelation of the Illuminati

Chapter One:


I am John Lion. We are the Illuminati. The time of our Revelation is now. The time of our Revolution is near.

* * * * * * * *

There is a war taking place. It is not always fought by soldiers with guns; in fact, the hidden generals would prefer to keep this war hidden, almost invisible – and this is just what they do, albeit hidden in plain sight. It is a war fought by the parasitical elite with immense money and power, for their own advantage, at the price of yours. If your freedoms, or education, or privacy, or anything else are deemed disadvantageous to them, they will work to restrict these in any way possible. The will shackle you with their laws and religions of control, their media, their educational institutions, their taxes, and any other method they can, so long as it is to their advantage. Soldiers and guns are used when these other methods fail, in wars which are simply manufactured as a means of increasing the already inflated wealth and power of the psychopathic parasitical elite.

It is a war between the OLD WORLD ORDER on the one hand and the NEW WORLD ORDER on the other – and you probably can't even tell one from the other – until now.

The Old World Order – The Ancient Regime

The OLD WOLRD ORDER is the status quo. They represent the forces that be. They are the Establishment. They are the Ancien Régime, the Ancient Regime: those who have suppressed the freedoms of others wherever possible throughout the ages, while claiming all such freedoms for themselves. They are the parasitical elite in all their forms. They are the monarchs who claim the populations of entire nations as subjects, the lords who are served by serfs, the masters who buy and sell slaves, and the politicians who are above the very laws they create and claim to uphold. They are the parasitical elite, in all their myriad and insidious forms

The OLD WORLD ORDER creates corrupt and self-serving governments and religions…and those who do not bow down and obey are branded and persecuted as traitors and blasphemers.

The OLD WORLD ORDER creates economic systems in which they hold all the advantages and in which the money is designed to flow from the hard-working, productive masses at the bottom into the hands of the few lazy, do-nothing aristocrats at the top. They created a world where “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” and have kept it that way for millennia.

The New World Order – The Illuminati

The NEW WORLD ORDER is AGAINST the OLD WORLD ORDER of the status quo, the forces that be, and the Establishment of the parasitical elite. They work to overthrow all tyrants, monarchs, lords, masters and self-serving politicians, and to bring true freedom to all the people of the world.

The NEW WORLD ORDER seeks to create new forms of government where no one has to bow down to another. They seek to create new forms of religion where all are free to think for themselves.

The NEW WORLD ORDER attempts to creates economic systems that are free from exploitation. They are trying to create a world where “the poor get richer,” because they have real opportunity to do so.

The NEW WORLD ORDER has historically worked to get the population to replace all oppressive power structures with liberating and empowering ones.

The Choice Is Yours

The Establishment is the OLD WORLD ORDER of the parasitical elite. The Establishment rulers have long been aware of those forces which were opposed to their evil and parasitical rule. They have done all in their power to suppress such opposition. Sometimes this suppression was carried out through very visible and violent means. In almost all times, however, whether during peace or war, whether during social revolution or social submission, a key component of this suppression was ubiquitous, incessant propaganda – the spreading of lies and misinformation, and the inversion of facts, such that the good was made to seem evil, and the evil made to seem good.

We are working to bring about the social equity of a NEW WORLD ORDER of enlightenment and liberation, but it will require the concerted, concentrated effort of many good people to bring it about. We seek nothing less than revolution – and revolutionaries.

Where will you stand when the revolution comes? Will you live an unenlightened life, blind to the true forces in the world around you, or will you open your eyes to the truth and take a stance to uphold the good? Will you stand with us, the liberators of humanity, or with them, the oppressors of humanity?

The choice is yours. Here's hoping you make it an enlightened one.

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